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Why you should steer clear from free website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Web.com etc

Here at Nitro IT we’re not a fan of website builders.  We started the business back in the days when you either coded the entire website by hand, or used some software like Dreamweaver which helped ensure there were no errors in the markup and made it a bit easier to add certain elements to the website.  Technology is evolving at an alarming rate, but it’s not always for the best.

Here are 3 reasons why you should steer clear of website builders:


1. Most of these sites look unprofessional

I can’t say I have seen a professional looking website built on one of these platforms.  This is usually because websites on these platforms are built by those with little knowledge, perhaps just starting up a business and trying to save some money by building a DIY website.  They’re not overly concerned with having a website that looks professional, merely just creating a website to get their name out there.  The website building tools may also impede on the ability of the website creator, causing unnecessary limitations that would not otherwise exist in other platforms.


2. They’re not “free”

These platforms will reel you in by advertising how quick and easy it is to build a FREE website.  What most people don’t realise is, there are limitations to the free versions.  These limitations might be in how many pages you can create and other areas that inhibit the scalability of the website,  the requirement to show a link advertising the website builder platform, the inability to use your own domain name, or a low amount of storage or bandwidth.  You’ll soon realise that to have a website operating exactly how you want it to, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.  When a company like Wix advertises during the Superbowl you soon realise how many of their clients are actually paying a premium for a limited service.


3. Difficult to migrate away

When you start realising all of the problems with these website builders, including the unmentioned SEO factors causing your site to rank lowly, you’ll want to migrate away to a platform such as WordPress which will give you the freedom and scalability you require.  The problem here is that it’s difficult to migrate your content to a new platform.  99% of the time your website will need to be built from scratch as these platforms simply are not portable.  This is when the penny drops…you’ve wasted all of that time creating a DIY website to save a few dollars only to have to start from scratch and likely pay someone to build a new site from scratch for you.


We’ve had a number of clients where we have fixed a cheap and nasty $300 websites.  Some were created by the business owner, others were created by “website designers”.  Nitro IT can provide professional website development on the WordPress platform.  With WordPress you’ll still maintain the ability to edit your own website, but you won’t have the above issues and will end up with a professional looking website that you can be proud of.  Contact us today to discuss your website needs.

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