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Wordpress Hack Fixes

If your Wordpress website has been hacked, then your business and brand can suffer in many ways.  We can repair and protect your website to ensure it does not happen again

Websites get hacked all of the time, and the symptoms a website can experience will differ from case to case.  Your website might redirect to another site you’ve never seen before, or it might display explicit content to your visitors.  There is one definite though; it will get flagged as malicious by Google if you do not fix it immediately.


Wordpress website hack security

No matter what the symptoms are, there’s almost always a cure.  As a full service online agency, we’re available to rid your site of all malicious content and get it back up and running again.  We'll identify and remove malicious content, and put in place the necessary security measures to ensure it never happens again.

Our team is ready to help repair and secure your website to ensure the integrity and security of your website is re-established

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